86. Life Among Two Dimensional Universe .

1. Unfocus Photo

1. AbarcodeBarcode: A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached.

1. aHologrammHologram: Identigram as a security element in a German identity card.

They are used widely in many currencies, such as the Brazilian 20, 50, and 100-reais notes; British 5, 10, and 20-pound notes; South Korean 5000, 10000, and 50000-won notes; Japanese 5000 and 10000 yen notes; and all the currently-circulating banknotes of the Canadian dollar, Danish krone, and Euro. They can also be found in credit and bank cards as well as passports, ID cards, books, DVDs, and sports equipment. (Barcode & Hologram: Courtesy Of Wikipedia).

Life Among the Two Dimensional Universe. Our Universe Like A Hologram And Barcode! Universe like hologram: you can read many publication.

Universe like barcode: This is my research, may be of help in metascience.

I do not say, universe composed by only two dimensions. Only, for convenience, I divided the universe into two dimensions, like two dimensions hologram.

First dimension is the Universe, where we live and socialize. Second (Angelic Realm) dimension is the universe, which is close to the universe we live, but we did not ‘ realize’. People often think, they would not be able to sense the angelic realm. In fact , if you want , you can do that! If you try to sense the angelic realm , of course you will succeed.

What is the content of the angelic realm? Definitely True Knowledge!

How can we be able to sense the angelic realm?

1 . We must be aware , that there is angelic realm .
2 . We strive sensing .
3 . we tried to climb into the second dimension.

1 . We must be aware , that there is angelic realm.
Consider the universe. What do you see, billions of stars, trees, rivers, mountains, and so on, let’s just say it is a ‘barcode’, which we often find in the form of straight lines, as code and information goods. For example, straight lines that inform the name of the goods, the price, production date etc.  If we want to know the information in the barcode, sensors should be used, and a computer monitor, which then gives us the information about the item .

Then , I say ‘mountain’ is a barcode . Right! If you want to know the information contained on the mountain, you must use the appropriate sensors, so that you get the correct information about the mountain.

What kind of sensor  we should use? Hearing, sight and heart. Hearing and vision, are the ears and eyes, to censor the mountain as a barcode. While the heart, to censor, what information is contained in a barcode form of ‘mountain’.

This is an example of information ‘barcode’ of the universe in the form of ‘mountain’.
1. Actually, the mountain is earth spikes. This is sensed by experts geology, vulcanology, etc..
2. Actually mountain, it can be flown like scattered feathers. If you read history, Mount Krakatau, eruption was heard thousands of miles, and hot clouds, along with the dust material of crushed rock, the mountain was gone, became the dust, in the form of feathers that fly in the sky, which is derived from the eruption of Mount Krakatau, which lies in Sunda Strait, West side of Java Island, Indonesia. Creating a dark world for several days. Mount Krakatau dust reaches Europe and Africa! The mountain was alive! Later, Definitely, Mount Krakatau will die.
3. Actually, the mountain was not silent in place, however, it ran mountains. This will give rise to the science of cosmology, astronomy etc..

So , what I want to say is :

If we want to know the definitely true knowledge, we have senses with 0ur heart, from a variety of barcode that nature provides. Such as mountains, rivers, animals etc..

In summary: sensing using the heart, is to see something with unfocus eyes, by the eyes as being ‘dreamy’.

This means that we are in a situation where we are in the first dimension and are also in the second dimension.

Hope You Find The Definitely True Knowledge. 🙂 Hilal Achmar.

February 27, 2014.