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Kirlian photo of two coins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Definitely True Knowledge, simply, in my opinion, is the study of everything that is detected and not detected by the five senses. Include waveform, energy shakes, and the frequency and everything that is not visible, which is different from the wave measurements, vibration and frequency, such as noise, measured in science.

I was once asked by a professor from a renowned university in Bandung, Indonesia, whether supernatural (actually I meant it in a conversation is Definitely True Knowledge) no point in my life. I answer: There! I studied Definitely True Knowledge approximately 75% and approximately 25% science. Can be said that, I personally, are the result of the implementation Definitely True Knowledge contained in my template. Science is already available. Definitely True Knowledge, only little information is available, so I had to look for it for myself.

If you want to learn Definitely True Knowledge, now we agree, that the classification of science to be as follows: Global Science is divided into 1. Science and its branches, and branches, 2. Definitely True Knowledge and their branches and branches.

Aura: Definitely True Knowledge simplest example:

If you sit in front of a mirror, your view is out of focus, such as daydreaming, the view over your shoulder and hold off the back of the shoulder gets unfocused, you will see the light of your self aura covering the surface of your body and your head. This aura of light can be different colors, like rainbows, or just one color. And also can be different or the same in each individual. Actually, this aura of light invisible to the senses of sight, but proven, you can see it just ‘little change’ technique to see you! This basic technique is incredible as I am aware. I only have to change his technique, to be able to optimize my senses, that is, me and you will be able to detect with the senses that are available, all or part of something that previously could not be detected! Aura about it, then prove that science, which includes the outer aura of us really exists and can be proven by Kirlian Photography. To not repeat the review, about Kirlian Photography, andan can see on the site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirlian_photography

The existence of aura that can be seen as I demonstrated above, many publications, and still fewer who read it. Knowledge of Definitely True Knowledge not popular, not widespread, although its Local Genius I do not think so much less.

In Indonesia, the path can be traced from the path Definitely True Knowledge family / descent (lineage), I was writing my own lineage, the origin of me, that has not been completed, and you can also make your own lineage. Who knows later, me and you have same ancestor.

Why do We need to discuss the topic Definitely True Knowledge lineage? Because Definitely True Knowledge, easy and short course, flowing at a 3 line family, which produces three main types Definitely True Knowledge I call it:

A. Definitely True Knowledge Type Am.

2. Type Definitely True Knowledge Jn.

3. Type Definitely True Knowledge Mu.

The three types Definitely True Knowledge, it can still be traced from each individual, which oddly enough, as followed in the genetic code of human chromosome! For example, if among family members fight each other, the family could only finish with Science: Go to a psychologist for counseling families. But I, and individuals engaged in Definitely True Knowledge, always start from exploring the template, the family is in Definitely True Knowledge what type, if Am, Yn, or Mu. In the case of quarrels, family Definitely True Knowledge Type Jn, will never be solved by science! So, it would be in vain to reconcile the family, though he psychologist, Syaikh, or pastor. Experience, data, and the fact that living in the community, to prove, the existence of complete failure ‘argument’ that seems, it’s easy to ‘reconcile’, it turns out the mission of peacemaker: ‘failed to work for peace’. Definitely True Knowledge, help us ‘see’, if our work will be wasted, or no result. My, would not, and will not be successful, to reconcile the quarrel / animosity in families with type Definitely True Knowledge Jn.

This is what we learned. Waves, Energy, and Light. Order, we are not in vain in the works, and perform any activity, which resulted in loss of both time, effort, money and mind. If you are interested, you can leave comment to me, or send an email, or whatever. I want to be friends with you, do not hesitate, make a comment or criticism, I am happy if metascience evolved as the earth sciences. Salam. Hilal Achmar.



Two  Language Version . English Version: At The Top Of Page. For Indonesian Version see below of page( Untuk Bahasa Indonesia lihat bagian bawah halaman Tks.)

In the past, there’s only a law of the jungle, who is strong, he’s welcome win. In the forest, there are king of the jungle, which has the power to hunt down weaker prey from him. There is no law. But I said (not scientific ..), the law has existed since the first human pair on earth. Clearly, I believe they are not to use the law of the jungle: who is strong, he wins. If the law of the jungle for the animals, I believe. But, unfortunately, man has always wanted to be like animals! Human want to be King of The King, the Emperor of All Top Emperor, Tsar! But human ashamed to admit it, embarrassed  …. Anyway (as the primitive democracy: Anyway!), People like himself to be the prettiest, richest, famous, best, modern, smartest and other the best, including the funniest! In fact, intelligent people already know, there is another layer again above the layer cake.

Essentially, Human Want Release They Neck From Shackles Of Law.

Then, indeed, people want to collect power and want act with this law of the jungle, then desire of absolute power.  When a person or group of people get the absolute power, by making laws that imprison others, and making fraudulent legal of the laws he made, for economic gain and power. Groups in power who make the laws. We admit it. Although, should not be so. Just because we are lazy to look for, who will really be fair in making laws, or lazy to change the mechanism of law-making and legislation. So, people in the world, agreed to it, people who have power make the law. Its funny I guess we are ………..

Funniest human beings … See On TV. ,  No creature can surpass the human Cuteness!

Hofsede argues that at the higher authority of power, corruption is increasingly prevalent among the ruling (not among you who are not in power!). Hofsede want to say this: You know, the country poor, or rich in the eastern hemisphere, a lot of corruption, due to the higher authorities of state power in the western hemisphere! I’ve lived in Yogya ruled as King of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. If I, or people facing him, all would be willing to kneel. His authority is very high, do not you never kneel facing bosses or people in power, the less authority than the King of Yogyakarta? Is there a guarantee they are not corrupt? If science is broken down into very small, could be farther from the core of the problem. Corruption is not a problem of authority is high or low! The King of Yogyakarta is understood, is not understood by others. He understands definitely true science, who descended from his ancestors, was a simple life, living with noble values, as intended for humans to be …………..

At The Future Time, People Will Surely Bustling Learning The Definitely True Sciences!

people will learn the science that must be true, occurs if the prerequisites are available. A. Humans reduce the sense of competing. If competition is high, then it must be true that science will not be crowded studied. Lecturer if the economy remains competitive and power, whether to teach all his knowledge to their students? 2. Humans lose his ego, and started to open up the hard work while working.

I Know, That Prerequisites Is A Dream!

To be a leader in the era of democracy,  at the low awareness of the human community is not my favorite. I would be a confused leader. If I lead my men in detail, They judged me interfere. If I give them liberty, they say I do the omission! Of course, in this democratic era, I would love to lead people who have high consciousness, which makes me not confused.

20 Juni 2012. 08:41. Be A Survived Leader . Do Not Confused! Hilal Achmar.


Dahulu, katanya, hanya ada hukum rimba, siapa kuat, dia dipersilakan menang. Di hutan, ada raja hutan, yang mempunyai kekuasaan untuk memburu mangsa yang lebih lemah darinya. Tidak ada hukum, katanya. Tetapi kata saya (tidak ilmiah ya..), hukum telah ada sejak sepasang manusia pertama ada di bumi. Jelasnya, saya percaya manusia tidak pernah memakai hukum rimba: siapa kuat, dia menang. Kalau hukum rimba untuk hewan, saya percaya. Tetapi, sayangnya, manusia selalu ingin seperti hewan! Ada dorongan dirinya menjadi kuat, dan kemudian menjadi Raja Di Raja, Kaisar Atas Segala Kaisar, Tsar! Tetapi dorongan ini jangan sampai ketahuan manusia lainnya, malu dong…. Pokoknya (seperti orang primitif berdemokrasi: Pokoknya!), manusia ingin dirinya yang ter… ter… ter… tercantik, terkaya, terkenal, terbaik, termodis, termodern, terpandai dan ter ter lainnya, termasuk terlucu! Padahal, orang pandai sudah tahu, ada lagi lapisan lain diatas lapisan lapis legit yang digigitnya.

Pada Dasar Dorongannya, Manusia Ingin Membebaskan Dirinya Dari Segala Aturan Hukum Yang Dirasa Sebagai Membelenggu Lehernya.

Kemudian, memang dasarnya dorongannya ingin berkuasa dengan hukum rimba, maka diperhaluslah keinginan berkuasa mutlak dari otoritas yang diberi kekuasaan itu, dengan cara membuat hukum yang membelenggu lainnya, dan memberi celah agar kelompok otoritas itu tidak terkena hukum yang dibuatnya, demi keuntungan ekonomi dan kekuasaannya. Kelompok yang berkuasa yang membuat hukum. Kita mengakui itu. Walaupun, tidak seharusnya begitu. Hanya karena kita malas mencari, siapa sebenarnya yang adil dalam membuat hukum, atau malas mengubah mekanisme pembuatan hukum dan perundang-undangan. Maka, manusia di dunia, menyetujui saja, yang berkuasalah yang membuat hukum. Lucu juga ya para kita ini………..

Manusia Ternyata Memang Makhluk Paling Lucu. Lihat Saja Di TV, Tidak Ada Makhluk Yang Manapun Yang Dapat Mengungguli Kelucuan Manusia!

Kira-kira Hofsede anak beranak, berpendapat, bahwa dimana semakin tinggi otoritas kekuasaan, korupsi semakin marak diantara yang berkuasa (bukan diantara anda yang tidak berkuasa!). Hofsede mau bilang begini: Itu lho, dinegara miskin, atau kaya raya di belahan timur, banyak korupsi, karena otoritas kekuasaannya lebih tinggi dari negara di belahan barat! Saya pernah tinggal di Yogyakarta saat Yogya diperintah Raja Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. Kalau saya, atau rakyatnya menghadap beliau, semua akan rela bersimpuh. Otoritas beliau sangat tinggi, bukankah anda tidak pernah bersimpuh menghadapi atasan atau orang yang berkuasa, yang otoritasnya kurang dari Sang Raja Yogyakarta? Apa ada jaminan mereka tidak korup? Jika ilmu dipecah menjadi sangat kecil, bisa semakin jauh dari inti masalahnya. Korupsi bukan masalah otoritas yang tinggi atau rendah! Sang Raja Yogyakarta sangat memahami, yang tidak difahami yang lainnya. Beliau mengerti ilmu yang nyatabenarnya, yang turun dari moyang beliau, ialah hidup bersahaja, hidup dengan nilai-nilai luhur, sebagaimana dimaksudkan agar manusia menjadi…………..

Suatu Ketika Nanti, Manusia Akan Ramai Mempelajari Ilmu Yang Pasti Benarnya!

Ramainya manusia mempelajari ilmu yang nyatabenarnya, hanya terjadi jika prasyarat ini tersedia. 1. Manusia mengurangi rasa bersaingnya. Kalau masih tinggi persaingannya, maka ilmu yang nyatabenarnya tidak akan ramai dipelajari. Dosen jika masih bersaing soal ekonomi dan kekuasaan, apakah akan menurunkan seluruh ilmunya pada anak didiknya? 2. Manusia menurunkan egonya, dan mulai membuka ruang kerja keras sambil bekerjasama.

Saya Mengetahui, Prasyarat Itu Adalah Mimpi Saya Di Terik Matahari Siang Bolong!

Berkuasa pada era demokrasi, pada komunitas manusia yang rendah kesadarannya tidak saya senangi. Saya akan bingung memimpin. Jika saya mengarahkan bawahan saya secara detil, saya akan dinilai terlalu banyak ikut campur. Kalau saya beri kebebasan bertindak dan berinisiatif, saya akan dibilang melakukan pembiaran! Tentu, pada era demokrasi ini, saya akan senang memimpin orang-orang berkesadaran tinggi, yang membuat saya tidak bingung.

20 Juni 2012. 08:41. Selamat Menjadi Pemimpin.

Salam Jangan Bingung! Hilal Achmar.