24 thoughts on “72. Not Long Lasting

    • :). I am sure, people and someone will love you, because you are a good person.
      In fact, a person, not only will last to love you,
      Moreover, he will be responsible for your life.

      Ms. thebumblefiles, I enjoyed reading your witty comments. 🙂

    • 🙂 I agree,Ms. Robyn Lee, that any of them, either loved, or someone responsible /. obliged to us, we will be happy …. And vice versa …. 🙂
      Thank you. I will visit your blog ….. Best Regards.

  1. Aye, but if a person TRULY loves, it will be a privilege and a joy, to have that person in their life to take care of, as well as enjoy the bounty of their love. When something becomes an obligation, I think we need to take a step back, and truly look at where our mind diverted…..we will usually find we have become self absorbed, or ungrateful even, because of our own thoughts to fulfill our own flesh. We should always strive then, to keep our minds on the positive, and never cease to lift up blessings, giving thanks for the people we love and the life we have been given. Then, what has become our obligation, will become our treasured love once again…..when we keep in remembrance the good things we hold dear, and the good things we can find in every bad situation…..
    thank you for the post, it was enlightening and made me think….causing me to reflect on where I need to do better on a personal level…..Nice to meet you and good day to you…..

    • :). I strongly agree.
      Ms. Celeste. I apologize for my bad english. a long comment, indicating you have a deep understanding.
      1. Love.
      If there is a handsome young man, handsome, rich, good-hearted, single, and “deserves to be loved”, so many girls love him, the main reason is: to “please themselves”.

      If there is a grandfather, poor, kind, still remains handsome, single, living alone, without homes and jobs. maybe girls did not love him.

      2. Obligation.
      Obligation is proof that we love someone! If we feel have an obligation to “help” the grandfather mentioned above, suffices as proof that we “love him”.

      Ms Celestealluvial, you are a formidable thinker. In my post, I wrote about increase of self-capacity. In short: For lunch, I just bought a piece of beef steak. To love and share with others, I have to buy a cow!

      Sacrifice, and willing to accept obligation, is proof that we love others. About whether we are happy after that, guaranteed: We would be happy.

      Love is a hard road and climbing.
      Ms Celestealluvial, you have sacrificed your time, your energy and your thoughts for comment. I am obliged to reply ….. You are a good thinker …. This is only a piece of you that i know…:)

  2. I can agree and appreciate your way of thinking as well. Thanks for the lovely compliments, you are generous and gracious with your words. I will continue to follow you to keep up with your enlightening posts.

    • In My angel of the night, you are opening a human side. You say in the form of poetry. I used to, looking for meaning in each poem. From My angel of night I found, if one side we are getting better, the other side will grow increasingly out of control … :). So I say: Thank you Ms. Celeste. The more I ‘know and realize’ there you are, the more I ‘know myself’. I like your personality Ms. Celeste. :).

    • Sorry I’m late. You’re right Christy, love is always complicated. People often want their loved ones to go, because they do not know how to respond and deal with the complications of love … I like your comment… 🙂

  3. petit4chocolatier says:

    Love that is real love will sustain many trials and tribulations without even thinking they were trials and tribulations. It just happened!

    • I am sorry… i am late…..
      You Are Right!

      Good woman, definitely got a good man. Good man, definitely got a good woman. If someone got a bad behavior couple , surely someone had advised her/him before, that her/his choice is wrong. Trials and tribulations, due to people being too pushy in choosing a partner.

      I’m sure you have better experience than me … 🙂

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