16 thoughts on “87. I Got All The Best In My Life For Free

  1. I love giving and receiving equally. I went to the MMI course in London and learnt that we should welcome receiving with open arms rather than feel bad about it, it order to receive more of the things we want in our life. It was a good lesson.

  2. Giving is really in tune with our religious scriptures. This may be in the form of meeting somebody’s need or giving some good advice. Receiving good advice or knowledge too pays in the long run, which could impact our life. We have to be judicial in what we have to receive and what to be shunned. Decision remains ours only.

    • Mr Harbans…
      You are right about religious scriptures. Now it seems, and only now, new science is aware of the givology, Law of Attraction existence, or the existence of new knowledge about the matter, which is viewed from the standpoint of metaphysics, which granted ownership will increase ownership of everything for the giver … πŸ™‚

      • Wisely said sir.

        From my personal experience, whenever I’ve given something to a needy my Creator is kind enough to fulfill my needs without even asking. (I am sorry, I am breaking the code of not revealing secret – our left hand should not know what our right hand gives) yet example could be explained meaningfully and with complete exactitude if it is based on personal experience). javascript:void(0)


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