11 thoughts on “81. Hilal Achmar Says: Limited Edition

  1. You are a limited edition. I read your post, and feel that you are a limited edition thinker. I think, anyone associated with you, and read your posts, will get a lot of benefits …. You useful to many people ….. 🙂

    • Hi Hilal, your words about me are beautiful and have touched my heart. I want to start a new page on my quirkybooks blog of kind words people have said about me, as a “testimonial page”, would you be happy for me to quote what you have said about me on that page with a link to your site?

      • Yes, I am happy if you quote and link to me. You are very fun, by trying to create new things, such as testimonials page that you create .. I’m sure, bloggers acknowledge your thoughts and your great works, but, it seems, they do not have time to write a comment for you …… Keep working ……. My Limited Edition Friend ……. 🙂

  2. This is my comment at: http://throughthehealinglens.com/photo-feelings/analysis-of-self-portrait/#comment-16519
    Dear Ms. Robyn Lee.
    I am sorry for my bad english.
    In this post I read about: spiritual, religion, transcendental, God, and mystery. I think, even if you come from the western world that are rational, you also know that irational mystery.

    I come from eastern parts of the world, so, in everyday life, I always pray. Eat, drink, go out of the house, driving a car, getting out of bed, going to sleep, it all begins with prayer.

    About Disease.
    Previously, I apologize, if you do not like this comment. Disease, in view of the east, stems from a psychological imbalance. That disease, originally comes from bad behavior, for example, are: say rude, jealous, spiteful, libelous, slanderous, dare to parents, lying, adultery, basically, all behavior are forbidden by God, or all the bad behavior that we do not realize. People who have good behavior, said “Ah”, with the intent of degrading parents when speaking, can cause pain. What I want to say is, considered small by humans, is great in the sight of God. It is a spiritual mystery in transendent.

    Healing Disease.
    I studied the healing of disease in recent years. In a nutshell is:
    1. Apologize to the parents, about the mistakes we made, either to them, or about the way of life we ​​choose.
    2. Begged forgiveness from friends and people who feel hurt because of our bad behavor and our actions.
    3. Apologize to God, that we can not be human as God intended.
    4. Improve our behavior, so we have a good behavior.
    5. Start healing with: thinking correctly, speak the truth and do the right thing.

    It seems, to be healthy mentally and physically, we have to be “Saints” ….. 🙂 , In the view of the eastern world. But now, the West began researching “Whole Health”, by including spiritual health, in assessing a person’s health.

    I know from your posts, that you have a very good behavior. I see, that with good behavor, diseases cured by itself. I just want you healthy ….. 🙂

    August 11, 2013 at 6:54 AM

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