11 thoughts on “67. Human Responsibility

    • I apologize for my bad english. Yes. And there is a downside as well …. If we are responsible, and always with a heavy responsibility, we will be seen as people who do not want to compromise. For Example, You can see the behavior of a medical doctor, who normally would look stiff, because many years responsible for the lives of people. Thank Ms Lee for your response. Hilal Achmar.

    • I apologize for my bad english. I always wanted to make a response on your blog, but because of my limitations in English, a little holding me back. I love your blog. And Thank You Ms. Welsh. Hilal Achmar.

      • Hi Hilal, I understand your English very well. I would love to receive a comment from you, no need to be held back – all are welcome on my site and please call me Ruth. My very best to you from a rainy UK!

  1. hello Hilal, I truly believe that the word freedom is a two-sided coin. Turn the coin over and responsibility is on the other side. The more responsibility we take for ourself and our actions the freer we are likely to become. I love your post. Thank you for the wise words.

  2. I apologize for my bad english. the word freedom is a two-sided coin, you are right. If we accept more responsibility from one side of us, on the other side tend to be bad. Maybe we’ll have a little arrogant, because we feel as “most responsible” and the other less “responsible”. The more we take responsibility for ourself and our actions we are freer the Likely To Become.You are right.

    Similarly, if we realize more freedom we get, the other side of ourselves would be subtracting other freedoms. For example, if we become President, we have succeeded in the freedom to choose our life. One side of us may tend to be bad: we want the people to obey us, and perhaps we no longer hear the “voice of the people”, because we are busy listening to “our own and inner circle power voice.”

    Thank you for your response Ms. pennycoho

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