34 thoughts on “75. Life Just Stopped By For A Drink

    • I am ashamed …. I’m sure you have a lot of knowledge that can be shared …. If you were my neighbor, I definitely would often come to your home, to listen something useful from you …. 🙂

  1. Hilal, you have not one thing to be ashamed about here. I love the fact that you would like to be her neighbor and enjoy hearing what billduff (Stacy, I believe) has to share. You both sound like very gentle souls. I love that.

  2. Hi Hilal, thank you for following my blog, I found you through this. I ove your blog too. I am not a writer or want to be one I just want to spread a little happiness around the world. And it is wonderful to reach people all ove the world like you in Jakarta. I like the way you do your posts, (pictures with your own words on it. I want to have a try at that).It is great!

    • Sorry I was late and my bad english. Thank you, you are very kind to me. Yes, I also want to be like you, there are many things we know, and even more that we do not know. If I used to ‘hear’, ‘see’ and ‘think’ like this time, maybe a lot of posts that I have uploaded. I thought, better start than not writing. I was also pleased to meet you. I am also happy, if you write your own words …. Or words from your lineage, grandfather, grandmother, father and mother …. Glad to know you …. Utesmile…. 🙂

    • Hahahaha…. You are right… Sorry for my bad english. You’re right …. Yes, if we can look at life from above, we would see people going back and forth to the same place every day, some frowning, some cheerfully. Not bored ……? 🙂

      Maybe the bird was also seen you there, but I have not. Although bird can view from up there, I do not want to be a bird, bird rank lower than human …. 🙂

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