16 thoughts on “What we are today…

    • Your writing must be good. You live in the western region, and you understand the eastern. Your writing must be good. You live in the western region. and you understand the eastern. Thus, I am sure you have a complete understanding about people and the world. Thank You, Johanna.

  1. Thank you, Hilal, for stopping by my blog. You must be a very good person–I very much like what you’re posting. In my mind, I collect those who I know to be true to be my friends.

    • You make me happy…. Thank you. I am sure, because of you love travelling and cooking, There are many lessons that I can receive from you via the blog. I like travelling and cooking too. Thank you. 🙂

  2. So true! This fact can be our salvation or our destruction. The power we wield over our own lives is not something just for fairy tales, but is real and alive as the air we breathe. This is a phenomenal truth….on one hand, bringing promise and relief, on the other, a very scary power to possess when not executed with cautious thought….. great post….

    • Ms Celeste true. We have the energy to make ourselves and our environment to be good, or, as you think, we can destroy ourselves and our environment.
      Energy to make ourselves ‘meaningful’, as great as the energy to make ourselves ‘useless’. I love your comment … 🙂

      • veraersilia says:

        In today’s difficult world, young people with with ideals are even more needed than they were in my past. Hilal! I bless your youth and your future.
        from Vera Ersilia

      • Thanks Vera Ersila, you encouraged me. I realize that failure to ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘thinking’ of each generation, leading to slow growth and development of human civilization in every generation.

        Previously people make temples, traditional markets to hang out. Now, we also use a lot of time at the mall, hypermarket, cafe, etc.. Not much different how we fill our lives … :).

        I wrote in my blog: We’re successful, if we can guide our next generation better than our generation ….. As you say at about me on your blog: ‘helps others’ … The job can not be done just by me and you ….. and difficult job….:)

  3. I’ve been out of the country for awhile, and then I had a reunion with my siblings. We shared lots of family stories. This post is right on the mark. I love it. May I repost it giving credit to you and “R” HubBlog?

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